Sunday, January 13, 2013


It has been one weird weekend with sick folks around me during my birthday celebration weekend.  Scootard and our daughter Tracey have been ill.  Tracey was just starting her "throws" with a virus, and I was running back and forth taking care of things.  Scootard had moments of "normalness" during his vigilant fight.  Notice his facial expression?  Yep, that's normal...haha.  Tracey on the other hand, looked like she was about to "give up the ghost".....:-(.   Sorry about my laptop in the way.

But in spite of all of the illness in the house, all was not lost since I was taking the entire weekend to celebrate one way or another.  Tracey made me a basket some time earlier in the week and had it delivered to the house for me....:-).  It was a nice addition to the edible arrangement that I had received from our oldest daughter the day before......:-).

And a closer look revealed that there was even something in the basket for "Ms Vickey" when she takes her next ride in the spring......I'm thinking of naming him "Oscar".  Any suggestions??

I opened my cards to discover that some of them were musical...I have always thought those kinds of cards were very cool. Especially when they sing things like "Celebrate Good Times" by Cool and the Gang...haha

by this time Tracey had run out of steam and was back in her room in "quarantine".....:-(.

I'll bet she was VERY HAPPY that she was an adult when she saw me approaching with this.....haha.  You know how we sometimes do this with babies, right?  yeah....

A friend of hers sent this to help brighten up her day......:-).

Some ladies from our ministry planned a birthday get together and dinner for me. One of them made me an Italian Cream Cake and drove it all the way from Texas to give to me for my birthday....:-).  I thought it looked pretty cool in front of my birthday balloons.  Pretty cool- eh?

And then I got more cards.....:-).  Scootard held them for me while I took the shot.

And gifts.....:-).  This one came from one of the ladies who came in from another city......:-).

And the gifts kept coming....:-).  This will be very useful "whenever" we start to make our way back to Canada.  But with all of the sickness in the family right now, it won't be tomorrow as planned.  I'm glad they don't expire!  At least I hope not....:-(.

And a little something to keep me warm.....:-).  They know how I often get cold.....

I even got these "toe covers" to help stave off the cold......ha.  I call them my "Hoovian socks" because they look "Scandahoovian" like something that would have come from Scootards ancestors.

It was a good weekend in spite of all of the illness and lack of sleep that I had.  As soon as everyone had gone, I put on my old ratted out pj's and settled in for the night.

See you all next time.


Scootard said...

Lovely pictures, lovely party, lovely cake and a lovely Scooterchick.

The beat goes on even if we don't just yet. Soon we will be back on the road. Looking forward to our road trip, and looking forward to some quality time with my baby!!

Patricia Carpenter said...

I'm looking forward to it too. Don't have any more relapses! EAT YOUR SOUP! ;-)

bob skoot said...


Happy Birthday. Hope you don't catch anything from "you know who".

don't rush, minus temps up here right now and the ground is WHITE and slippery

and to Scootard: "EAT YOUR SOUP"

Riding the Wet Coast
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Patricia Carpenter said...

hey Bob,

Looks like you guys are having a good time...:-). Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a nice time even though I had all of this sickness around me.

I'm praying to God that I don't get hit with this nasty stuff on our road trip back to BC. That would be horrible! Wow, below freezing-eh? Well, it's cold here too. It's about 37 degrees (3 celcius).

Trobairitz said...

Such a good mom and wife taking care of all the sickies on your birthday.

I am glad you were spoiled with gifts though.

Safe travels to you and Scootard on your way home.

Dar said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your family gets well! Love the Scandahoovian socks!

Patricia Carpenter said...

Thanks Dar!
I like them too...:-). The family is slowly recovering.....:-).

Dar said...

Patricia how s the family doing? Is everyone on the mend yet?

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi Dar,

Well, I thought everyone was staring to do better, but we have experienced a few relapses. Our plan is to wait until next Friday and try to leave then if Scootard is better. I don't want him to have another relapse while we are on a 8 Day Rd. trip.

My daughter still has a sore throat with some congestion and a nasty the calls. So I changed her medication today and she is still using the humidifier with Vicks.

Thank you for asking. I am hoping that this will pass quickly so that we can start our trip back to Canada.