Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Last Two Days of our Trip

I didn't post last night as I was sore and slightly traumatized from what felt like an horrific fall off my bike when going up my mother in law's drive way.  Her drive way is very steep and gravely at one section which I managed to hit and get tossed from my bike.  It was not a long fall or drop, but at my age... I'm certainly feeling it today! 

So, these pics are from the market that I mentioned yesterday and from the scratches that I have managed to put on "Ms Vickey".  She took it like a champ though.  As soon as Scootard got her and I back on our feet, she started up again.  Actually she never stopped running!  I told him to shut her off as I didn't want gasoline to spill out onto me.  I have been told that there are only two kinds of bikers.  Those that have fallen, and those that will!  After 4 bikes, I have finally fullfilled my biker obligation!

It certainly got crowded really fast.  So, we walked the market at its length, but decided not to buy anything since it was so hot and we weren't sure we were going right home.

Scootard was trying to stay out of the sun!  It reached almost 100 degrees in Penticton and it was sweltering too.  It was so dry that I started to have slight nose bleeds.  Nothing serious.  just too dry! 

They had live music....I find the music very strange in Canada...ha.  So does Scootard and he's Canadian! haha

I was tempted to get some of this food until it looked exactly like the food in the Croatian resturant!...:-(.

So, we kept going and at the end of the block, we found a little bistro place that specialized in cup cakes but made specailty crepes!  YUM!!  I had a crepe that was made with Brie cheese, ham and spinach and Scootard's was made with Prosciutto, pesto, cheese and spinach.  We shared a mango, pear, peach slushy...:-). Scootard ate his food like he was mad at it!  haha

Then we went home and I attempted to go up the drive way that I had convinced Scootard to take my bike down that morning.  I knew it was beyond my skill level, but I wanted to give it a good try......

Well.......there you go!

That is what was once a very beautiful, unscratched mirror housing.....:-(.

You cannot tell from this picture, but this stretches a good 6-8 feet across.  Scootard rode it like a champ.  Me.....not so much.  I went flying off when I hit the gouge just before the grass.  It is about 3 inches deep....I slowed down and tried not to hit it too hard; which was apparently my mistake.  Also, I am told that I needed to approach it the same way I would have rail road tracks......  I just didn't know that.....:-(.  Poor "Ms Vicky".....

Scootard put the bikes back on the trailer since we were leaving in the morning.  I took this last picture of her once she and I both calmed down a little......

You can see part of the drive way from hell!  haha.....A dirt biker's dream I guess.  I on the other hand can do without all of the dirt!

I went in the house, took an anti-inflamatory...cried and went to sleep for an hour....ha.  Woke up, ate dinner and went back to bed.


Trobairitz said...

It is unfortunate that the scooter took a nap, but it really does happen to us all. The best you can do is shake it off and continue on. At least it wasn't at an intersection in front of everyone (like I did 2 weeks ago).

The Farmer's Market looks like a lot of fun. I remember the Okanangan being so hot when we lived there but so cold in the winter.

John Evans said...

Why is it that I'm hungry after I read your posts?? All that good food you guys eat! Chorizo!

Sorry about the fall. Part of the process. At least it's history and not the future now.

Patricia Carpenter said...

hahaha, Well as you can see, we are NOT small people! There's a reason for that...haha. I get hungry reading my own post!

yeah, I know it's part of the process. It just sucks getting through shoulder is still acting weird. I hope to get this resolved quickly.

Patricia Carpenter said...

this is hubby says that my feeling were hurt more than anything...ha. He might be right about that one. Geeze, I hope you are alright! I did go out yesterday as I had not been back on since the fall. I did ok, It was just hard doing the leaning as my body is still sore.

What's your intersection story? Wow....Glad your 're still around to talk about it.