Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Farewell, Oklahoma - Day 7 Finale'

Chris beat me up this morning!  Let me rephrase that...haha.  He was up and moving before me is what I mean to say.  haha   He still looked green around the gills, but at least he was moving.  There was frost on the windows when we went outside to load the car.  It was indeed cold! Here is a shot from the inside of the car.

I was trying to get the car to warm up while Chris was checking us out.

and the sun was beginning to rise in our rear view.  It was a shame that we would not be around to see it all.

We traveled until we needed gas and we were greeted by these dinosaurs.  I knew all of that poo was coming from somewhere! He was the biggest one.

fierce looking creature, ain't he...This was the smaller one cross the road.

After getting the gas that we needed, we saw a memorial that appeared to be for the 911 incident.  We didn't get out to look at it.  But the two taller pieces resembled the Twin Towers of NY.

We went a different way and came across a little town called Ellensburg.  It was very cute.  This is one of the historic buildings of the town.

and this is a shot of one of the main streets of the little town.

There was a bull sitting on  a park bench!  Now, there's something you don't see every day! haha

Traveling on......and passing through

After a longer day than the past two, we came upon the town of Oroville.  We have been through this town before.  The mural on the wall shows that this town was established in 1906.  So, it is now a whopping 108 years old.  Wow...I wonder if it remembers it's name....ha

We were also aware that once we crossed the border, prices were going to increase dramatically.  So, we made a trip inside to see if there was anything we needed to get that we could take back with us and not break the law.  Nope.

uh oh....somebody was turning green again and running out of stream.  I could tell.....poor thing.

We got the car topped off and headed for the Canadian border.

Which happen to be less than 3 blocks away.

Chris usually fills out the customs form.  I had a sneaky suspicion that I had done something wrong with it.  I guess I would find out soon.


Well, there was one tiny mistake, but we explained that I wasn't sure of how to answer.  It was fine.  I always tell the truth if they ask me something.  But I put the truth in the wrong place on the form!  smh...It was ok though.

On to Penticton, BC to visit with Chris's ailing mom at the hospital.

About an hour later, we arrived and she was glad to see us.  We didn't want to visit long as she was tired and so were we!  Plus both of us are still recovering from the plague!

We took turns kissing her good night and promising to see her the next day.

We are glad we had a chance to get here.  We were careful to kiss her on the forehead and not near her nose or mouth.
Now, we are trying to relax, make a last visit tomorrow and head for our own home which is another 6-7 hours away Friday morning.  Lots to do when we finally get home; turn on the electric, shop for food, make the bed, unpack all of the luggage.

Thanks for going with us and for all of the prayers and well wishes for our safe return and speedy recovery.  We appreciate your friendship!


Scootard said...

As Etta James put last. Glad we made it and that Moms is on the mend. One more push Friday and we'll be back in Squampton.

Trobairitz said...

First he beats you up then he's checking you out. Men can't make up their minds, lol. :-)

I bet Chris' mom was happy to see you.

Thanks for the Okanagan pics. I haven't been through Oroville since they put up the new border. Brad spent some of his high school years living in Osoyoos too.

Scooterchick said...


It's been quite the journey this time around. So sorry we didn't get to do lunch with you guys this time. We will certainly keep you in mind for our next trip!

April Baucom said...

It's good that you're on the last leg of the journey. I know you 2 can use a couple weeks of detox and debrief as well as rest!

Dar said...

Hope your mom gets on the mend soon Chris. I also hope you both are feeling better from the plague!

Scooterchick said...

Hi Dar, Thanks! We appreciate the well wishes....:-).

Linda said...

Lovely and heartwarming post and photos.

Scooterchick said...

Thank you, Linda....:-)