Monday, March 2, 2015

Farewell Oklahoma - Day 5

I was up before my alarm went off and wanted to start getting things ready so that it would not be so taxing for my Christo.  Poor thing.....:-(.  You know it's bad when you cough so much and so hard that your chest and ribs feel as if they are going to explode.  We got checked out and decided to see how far we could get today.

We were both coughing and feeling a bit miserable today.  But he was far worse than I was.  We stopped a couple of times to grab a sandwich that I made for us and to visit rest stop.  I thought this was one particularly pretty.  I need this in my backyard.  I would probably never leave home again if my house sat on that kind of landscape....:-).

My wooly man-moth was starting to turn green and develop dark circles around his eyes because of a lack of sleep.  It's hard to sleep when you keep coughing.......:-(

Fortunately, one of our stops was for the purpose of replenishing the meds that I had been giving him.  This time it included something for chest congestion.

It was supposed to be the non-drowsy kind and I believe it was.  But this particular flu bug or cold; if it is the same thing I had really wipes you out and you are suddenly exhausted from doing nothing at all.  I looked over in time to see him coughing so hard he appear to be about to pass out as he grabbed his chest.  That was it for me!  Next exit we were getting off for the day.  And somebody was going to bed until tomorrow!  I know it's only 12:00 noon, but still.........

 I hope to get us back to Canada some time tomorrow if he is well enough to travel.  Poor thing......:-(.  He got sick after taking care of me for three weeks.  I feel terrible for him.  Hopefully, we will see you on the road tomorrow.  Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes.  This trip has been quite the challenge for both of us.


Trobairitz said...

You guys. I feel so bad you are so sick. Feel better soon. You need to get back to BC and get Chris some Buckley's cough syrup to fix him up.

Scooterchick said...

Thanks, Brandy. So sorry we didn't get to have lunch with you guys. We had to cancel all of our visits; including with his Mom. She's 91 and we certainly don't want to make her ill....:-(.