Thursday, July 31, 2014

Scootard's Birthday Bash!

Well, it's that time again....:-).  My beloved was sleeping in while I was scribbling 'Happy Birthday" on the bathroom mirror to greet him when we woke up....:-)

Part of his birthday wish was to give Ruby a run.....:-).  Okie doke then!

I got ready to saddle up on Raspberry and see what the day would bring....

But first, a trip to the garden to check on the progress of things....

The tomatoes were coming along pretty well.  Some of the vines are so heavy that they had to be braced up
even though they are in cages!

I'm told that the corn is ready when the tassels turn brown.  This one still has a few more days to go.

These peppers are about the size of a golf ball.  They are supposed to turn orange when they are ripe.  I hope we are here to harvest them!

I have found that tomatoes (these are "champions" ) are very tricky to care for.  Some of these seem to be struggling.  I think the corn is clocking the sun.

These are "cherry tomatoes" and they are doing fine except for one bunch that I will remove on my next trip down there.

After a quick check and water of the garden, we made our way to a little place we had not been in a couple of years.  We made it!

I couldn't remember if I liked the food here or not the last time we were here.  I guess I would find out once we got in there.  Scootard was going to move the bikes to the back of the restaurant.

And there they are.  The dynamic duo.....:-)

 Scootard was playing with his phone and I was patiently waiting for brunch.

ok, then.  His order: poached eggs over chili in taco shells that were shaped like little bowls.

I ordered scrambled eggs with spinach, swiss cheese, and mushrooms with spicy vegetarian chili.
It wasn't spicy at all.

After a good burp, we hit the road again.....:-)  Ain't they cute

Raspberry looks soooo tiny next to the backdrop...:-).

It is a gorgeous day.....:-)

there's the birthday boy with "Ruby".....  He's kinda cute too....:-)

We rode all through the back roads enjoying the scenery...

But I was getting "money butt" so we decided to switch bikes.   Now, that was a sight for sore eyes, but unfortunately I do not have pictures of my 6 foot tall man on Raspberry.

We made it back home exhausted but very satisfied with the day.  Next thing was to make Scootard's birthday cake....:-)

I think he's having a good birthday!!


livin'itup! said...

Happy birthday, Chris!! Looks like an adventurous day in the sunshine! Garden is very prolific!

Scootard said...

Thanks Livin'. We have some fun don't we.....

bob skoot said...


Happy Birthday. It's good that they keep coming.

You on Raspberry ? That I'd like to see

bob: riding the wet coast

Trobairitz said...

A wonderful way to spend his birthday. All the food looks so yummy, but then I love food, lol.

Patricia Carpenter said...

It was a good day for him.....:-). He told me he was really pleased! Now, on to the next adventure. Today is our anniversary!! 6 years ago today.....:-). Wow...feels like yesterday!

bob skoot said...

Pat & Chris:

AWWW ! Happy Anniversary

bob: riding the wet coast

Dar said...

Happy belated birthday! Patricia lol monkey butt - I had that a few days ago after 4 intense days of riding. Looking for a sheepskin now ;) What did you think of Ruby?

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hey, Dar!

Chris says "thank you!"

Ruby drives like a dream! Feels like your'er riding through butter when cornering. Smooth as silk! Even Chris likes it and she's too little for him....haha.