Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ms Vickey Rides Again!

Poor thing......:-(.  Ms Vickey had been ridden once or twice around the parking lot by Chris since last year.  She sat so long that I was about to pull the battery out to keep it from draining.  But today was her day!
It was lunch time and we had to run a couple of errands, so I decided to take Ms Vickey out this time so that she wouldn't think I didn't love her any more.

 I noticed the difference immediately between the weight of the two bikes, the brakes and even the position of the mirrors!  We came to our first stop and I just about threw myself off the bike!  Going from drum brakes to disc brakes was quite the eye opener.

 We made it to the restaraunt in one piece!

Scootard and I were both really hungry because neither of us had breakfast.  So, we were ready to feast!

And feast......

and feast!

After making a quick stop and taking care of some unrelated business, we rode home and prepared the bikes for stowing.  Scootard hooked the combination lock to Ms Vickey and Raspberry and another one to Ms Vickey and "Thing Two".  We covered Raspberry's seat before leaving Penticton the day before because she has a tiny tear in her seat cover and I didn't want rain water to seep inside.  I forgot to take the plastic off.  Looks like a Huggie diaper....ha

And here they are!  Raspberry looks so tiny next to Thing Two and Ms Vickey.....:-).  But now, all of them have had a nice run and are in good shape.  Except for that wierd sound that came from Vickey when I started her outside of the restaurant.  Maybe just a "cough" from not having been ridden any serious distance since last year.

Here is our little moto family.....just like children; Young adult, teenager and pre-teen.  And none of them alike!
Thanks for riding with us!


Scootard said...

I know you were surprised when you twisted Ms Vickey's throttle. After riding Raspberry at 50cc, 250cc pulls like a rocket.

Trobairitz said...

Great picture of the three. Nice that Ms Vicky started right up for you.

Deb said...

Good to see you riding again!

SeaFoam will take care of that cough!

Oh and how I love a Met...and miss mine so much! Yours is so cute!

Happy riding!