Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lunch From The Garden...:-).

After selling Ms Vickey, we decided to go down to the garden and see how things were progressing there.  It has been very hot here and we have had to water 3-4 in a week just to keep things going.  Chris grabbed the hose and wanted to get some watering done before it got too hot again.

I watched a few videos from folks who know a whole lot more about gardening than I do and found that if you keep cutting the suckers off of your tomato plants, that you will have bigger tomatoes.  These seem to be quite healthy although a bit small.  But that's ok!  I know what's in them...ha

We also read that if you plant corn in a single row, that it is best to hand pollinate the stalks to ensure they produce for you.  We shook the pollen from one plant and smear it onto the others.  Now, we have the silk starting to show.  I think we might get two- 4 ears from each plant.  We have 6 plants!

Chris had the idea of pulling two potato plants to see if we had any potatoes that were ready.
This is our first harvest from two plants.  We have about 8 more plants to go, but are going to wait for another couple of weeks.

It appeared that our broccoli was starting to bolt.  That's when it is going to return to seed.  I think that because it was planted near the corn that it received a lot of nitrogen feed and got really leafy.  The good thing is that you can eat the whole plant!  So, we pulled about 4 plants out by the root and long with our potatoes, we took our harvest back to the house.  I got started pulling pots and pans and Chris started cleaning and cutting everything.

Now, why did he shake his hand right when I snapped the picture? haha...  Oh well....

Anyway, two days ago, we harvested some beets from the garden and I saved the juice. I wasn't sure why, but hey...it came in handy.  Mind you I have NEVER done any of this kind of thing before.

I had some left over chicken in the fridge.  Sounds like a complete meal to me!  And there you have it, folks.
Baked chicken, broccoli greens cooked with onion, pancetta and roasted red bell peppers. By the way, they  taste just like collard greens! Last but not least,  mashed potatoes with creamy horse radish sauce and fresh grated parmesan!

Lord, bless this food....Amen!


Scootard said...

It is so gratifying to chow down on food you grew yourself. Lunch was spectaculicious. I'm glad there are leftovers. Awesome.

Trobairitz said...

Yumm. So nice to be able to harvest from your own garden!!

Patricia Carpenter said...

It is quite the experience! This was my first time gardening with veggies. It has been a good thing with lots of stuff still to learn about it....:-). The best thing is that I know what is in my food now!