Monday, June 2, 2014

Oregon Adventures Day 4!

I'm starting to wonder how we do all of this gallivanting!  We usually wake up sore and tired...haha. Anyway, we are headed out again to see what adventurous stuff we can get into.  Probably not much on a Sunday, but we are ready...:-)

I know it looks gross, but it wasn't too bad.  My first experience with "cream gravy" or country gravy as they call it in the Southwest was as a child eating "creamed chipped beef on toast".  Then again in the military.  They didn't do it right let  assure you!  ha

 This is the hotel's version.  Very much like the military.....:-/.

check out time....Well, actually we were early as usual.

 So, off to the beach!  Yay!!!  \o/  \o/

When we arrived and started our 1/2 mile trek toward the water, I spotted this large piece of drift wood.  Looks like someone started a bon fire and left it to burn out.

It also appeared to be a good place to sit.  That would turn the half mile trek into a 1/4 mile instead.  Besides, it was really  chilly.  We had our beach bag from Mexico complete with towel, beach mat and saddles.  Oh!  and french pressed coffee in our cups.....:-)..

I absolutely love being at the beach.  A REAL beach.  Not one littered with splinters and wood shavings like the one in our town in Canada.  And its not often that I get to see a light house.....:-).

I started feeling warmer than I should have with the wind being as brisk as it was.  And then it occurred to me to touch the drift wood.  When I did it was still warm and on further inspection, still smoldering lightly.

Mr. Chris decided to rekindle the flames.

I think I see a flicker.... we go....!  Yay!  my first beach fire!

Mr Chris is very pleased........that I am pleased.....:-).

 Now, he's on the hunt for more drift wood.

It only takes a spark to get a fire la....

yep.....the "He-Man" has flexed his

He stares in amazement at his total awesomeness.....haha

After spending almost 2 hours on the beach and the drift wood getting more scarce, it was time to hit the road.

Next stop.....Corvales, Oregon.

Corvallis was a nice town.  Quiet of course since it was on a Sunday.  But nice any way.....:-)  This is one of the main streets.

This is City Hall ( I think).

The town was much bigger than the one I live in.  I believe the town has about 55,000 residents.

And a health food store.  I wondered if they were as expensive as Whole Foods?

this was a good time to check the tire pressure.....

Too bad they were closed....ha.  I would have like to see what they had in there!

Well, time to go.  We have a LONG drive ahead of us until we get to our next home for the evening.

We came across a camp site along the way.  Good thing as both of us needed a bathroom!

 The moss on the trees was just breath taking.  I love being in the forest as much as I love being by the ocean.  We found camp site number 4 and decided to stay for a few minutes.

 We found camp site number 4 and decided to stay for a few minutes.

The South Santiam River ran right past our little camp site.....:-).  Very cool.

ahhhhh,  Well.  Gotta go.  Next stop....Sisters, Oregon.  We were starting to run low on human fuel!

I know from experience that if I skip a meal, I will pay for it later with a hunger that is rediculous.  So, best to eat now.

I guess he was in agreement......

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and some seafood chowder.  I ate the chowder before I snapped a picture.  sorry...ha

Everything was closed, but here are a few pictures of the town businesses.

We drove through to see what else the town had to offer.

Next town was Raymond.

Seems that they have been around for a while.  My grandmother would have been 10 years old when the town was established.

Chris took me to a place called Smith Rock.  It reminded me of the surface of the moon.  Very alien looking....

the rocks were quite jagged and I couldn't imagine anyone trying to climb those although I'm sure some have tried.

But it did have its own beauty......:-).

It was a quick side trip and then we headed down the road taking in the scenes around us.

We came across this tiny little town called Maupin, Oregon.  A lot of small towns often put their history on murals.

I don't know what the population was, but here is the post office....ha.  I'm thinking pretty sparse population.

Here is a street shot of the main street.

And finally, we made it to our hotel in The Dalles, Oregon.  Tired, but happy about all that we had seen and done today.  Now, time to start the trek back to Canada tomorrow.

See you on the road! Next stop, Washington State....:-)


Trobairitz said...

Awe man. I wish I had of known you'd be in Corvallis. I live there. The big building with the clock tower is the Courthouse. The oldest courthouse in Oregon still being used for its original purpose. I work a block away and live just a few miles away.

Damn, I would have bought you lunch or coffee or some kind of treat.

And great job Chris on getting that fire going. So nice to have a fire on the beach.

bob skoot said...


I thought for sure you would meet up with Trobairitz. Shucks !

Christos was happy to be on the beach playing with fire. That was nice fine sand there instead of your rocks and slivers in Squamton

I notice that he needs a new shaving machine, either that or Grecian formula for beards. Forget what I said, you're both on vacation. It can wait until you get home

For all the times I have been to Corvallis I've only been downtown once, and even then it was into some back alleys

Riding the Wet Coast

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hey, Brandy!
I was sure you didn't live there and Chris was sure you did! He e-mailed you through your blig address. When we didn't hear back from you in about an hour, we kept going....:-(. Maybe next time.....:-).

Patricia Carpenter said...


I would ask you about the back alley thing, but you just might answer me. So,.......never mind! ha

Trobairitz said...

My bad. I forget to check that email address sometimes and didn't see the email until this morning. Doh! Next time.