Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oregon Adventure- Day1

I was MORE than ready to go by the time we got up, dressed and took care of some loose ends around the house.   This was going to be a "road trip" of sorts.  Chris planned to stay in a different hotel every night.
We purchased some comfortable chairs that have side tables attached to them the last time we were in the states and decided to take those with us in case we had a "sea side" excursion.

Our first stop was Bellingham, Washington.  I wanted to go to one of my favorite stores and see about some new stuff for the new bathroom.  This particular store was like a zoo and even after spending the time to pick out the things we wanted, we decided that waiting 20 minutes in a line that was not moving was long enough.

we left without our stuff...

Remember this place?  We were here on my first long distance trip on Miss Vickey about 2 years ago....:-).

I wanted to keep it light since it was already after 8:00pm....

Somebody got a hold of some wicked hot wasabi! haha.

We filled our bellies,found our hotel and packed it in for the night....

It was a good day!  See you soon....:-)

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Trobairitz said...

Hooray for road trips. As you can see I am playing catch up with the trip.