Monday, April 21, 2014

Ostrich, Leaks and Cocoons

If you have been following our blogs very long, you have probably figured out that Chris and I are "foodies".  That's right...."foodies".  I never thought I would hear myself say that, but since I have about 3 years of pictures with food in them; I would say we qualify! ha

Now, after our spontaneous date night out of town, we came home from a well recommended Greek restaurant with an enormous amount of leftovers.  Not because we ordered so much, but because the orders were so large.  I didn't mind at all because if saved me from trying to figure out dinner the next day....

Here is a fast forward to dinner...

Now, back to the excitement of the day.  There is nothing more perplexing than being in the bathroom and having the distinct feeling of getting "sprinkled" on from above.  Drip....drip...drip....???  And there it was. Water coming through the ceiling and the person above us no where to be found!  After putting in a call to the Strata, the sent a guy over to check out the situation.

Once he verified..."yep, it's a leak"..someone else had to be sent to take samples of the ceiling to have it tested for asbestos.  WHAT!?  Now, we are wondering if we are going to have to vacate and live in a hotel for several days.  Anyway, test must have been cleared as another guy came the next day and started to tear out the ceiling......

and the whole seemed to be getting bigger once the wall were checked for dampness.

This is going to be a while.  The bad part was that we were just upon Resurrection Sunday and nothing else was going to be done until the following week.....drip, drip.....drip.

 Might as well fix breakfast. I picked this up from the grocery store and had no idea of how to prepare it.  So, I did a bit of research.  This is NOT for the faint of heart! ha


All of the things I had in mind to do in the way of a marinade was what I found in my research.

After setting in the marinade for a few hours, I wrapped it in bacon and pan grilled it.  It is very much like steak in color and texture although it is a bird, but you cannot cook it nearly as long. It has a unique taste.  Don't expect steak or chicken if you decide to try it for yourselves.

I found it to be a bit rare for me and I had to throw it back into the pan for a minute, but afterward it was pretty good.  Not sure I would have it more than once in a while though.

hahaha....I guess he liked it....haha

Meanwhile, the guy in the bathroom finished his work for the day and cleaned up his mess.  We were left with a "stripped" bathroom for the next several days until the work resumes after the Easter Holidays.
drip...drip...drip....There is something about the sound of your neighbors toilet flushing over your head in an open ceiling that is a bit unnerving.

Here is the view from the "throne"......

After two days of wondering if the guy over us was going to actually fall through to us and pay us a visit, I asked Chris to cut me some flowers from my garden....  you know, as a consolation for my calamities....

I'm feeling better already......:-).  Aren't they beautiful!  And the smell good too....:-).

Might as well do something a little less stressful than wondering if the guy upstairs was going to land in your lap while sitting on the throne!  We had harvested our vermicompost the week prior, but still had one more step to take in that process. Final "sifting had to be done in order to remove any babies or cocoons from the compost and put them back in their bin.

Somebody was up for the task....ha

While sifting through the compost, I started finding what I was looking for......there were literally hundreds of are a few.  Tiny as the head of a straight pin and shaped like lemon seeds.

In order to get a close up picture, I had to shoot this shot through my jeweler's loop to get it to magnify.  My camera could not do it clearly.

Whatever did not fit through the fine screen along with the cocoons with into this container to be put back into the bin.

After that, it was time to watch our visitor from Mexico.  We named her "Sweet Pea".  It seems that she is friends with "Sadie" and brought a new friend with her that we named "Thumbelina".....

Now, time for some Jasmine tea and a bit of relaxation for the rest of the day.....

Thanks for sharing my week with me!


Scootard said...

Drip, drip.....drip! Ha!
They will get it fixed soon, along with the fridge....ha!
Don't we have an interesting life?
Calamities abound...

Well, at least we get to do it together my sweet!

bob skoot said...


I'm not sure I have the guts to try Ostrich. I'm not that adventurous. Tastes like chicken, right ?

I get ansi when things are apart and have to be fixed. Hope they come back and don't leave you stranded.

Yup ! both of you ARE foodies

A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hey Bob,
No, it doesn't taste anything like chicken or any other bird. Closer to beef, but with a unique taste.
The Strata is taking care of the repairs because it is inside the walls of the structure. So, these guys will be back if they want to get paid by them!

Trobairitz said...

Wow so many things in one post. I like it. Well not the leaky pipes, bit but the rest is fun.

There is a place here in town that sells ostrich burgers. You can try to grind up the steaks, season them and make into burger patties. Quite popular at the fancy restaurants.

I miss Greek Food. Closest restaurant we have is in Portland.

Scootard said...

Hi Trobairitz,
Yeah, there is still a lot happening as they have not come yet to fix things. They have to come and turn the water off to the entire building since we are on the first floor to get the work done.

We are told that it will be off for most of the day...:-(. We have ONE bathroom! This is going to be interesting. We I had more Ostrich for some comfort food!

Patricia Carpenter said...

ooooppsss! That was me, Trobairitz! Chris was signed in and I forgot to sign him out before possting..

Dar said...

I have always wondered what it tastes like. Apparently there is an ostrich or emu farm on the island here. I might have to try this out, just won't tell the family what it is they are eating. ;)

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi Dar,

I know that they can be some pretty aggressive birds! Better I eat it than it eats me...ha

April Baucom said...

Cool pastimes! I'd try the big bird.

KT Did said...

I have never tasted that meat, but willing always to try once. Got your link from Bob Skoot and glad I did. You have a lot going on. I can relate! LOL! The pipes are always a challenge tho. Glad I came by. Will be back :)

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hello KT DID,

Thanks for stopping by and Thank you Bob for referring her to my blog...:-). There is hardly ever a dull moment in my life. So, now it takes me almost 2 weeks or more just to log everything that happens! So, hang on...there is more coming shortly! haha