Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stroll On The Beach----brrrrrr!!

I love the beach although the beach we have in our town is a bit of a disappointment, it is still a place to go to be near some water without having to venture too far away.   I took these pictures before the snow hit our little town.  Chris immediately headed for the drift wood...:-). It's amazing how much of that stuff comes in with the tide.  I have often wondered how much drifted in from China...??

who knows what he is up to now...haha.  Perhaps he is contemplating another "grand construction"?

Seems that this particular day, others were trying to take advantage of the fact that it was not raining cats and dogs for a change.

 There is something about water that has a peaceful feel to it.....

 Then there is the "side affects" that may come with all of that serenity...


 and that was our little outing into the cold.  Time to head back to the warm comforts of home

We made it home before the snow. I tried to capture this picture twice and kept getting the reflection of the camera....:-(....sorry.

Anyway, we made it home and decided to enjoy some pigs in the blanket; or at least that's what my Mom used to call them...:-).  Comfort food! ha

 Hope you are enjoying the snow that has fallen since these were taken...:-)
See you next time!


Helen Marie said...

So you went to the beach after all :). haha...loved the 'side effect' on the beach...but hey..if ever that emergency, there you go. Yes always loved the peacefulness of water. "He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul"

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi Helen,
Yeah, that was a few days ago. We made it back home just when it started to snow. I tell you, there is something about the sound of water that makes you want to....well, you know...haha

bob skoot said...


I think the sight of that Blue Thing would make me want to HOLD IT IN much longer until I got home

AHH, Piggies in a blanket, they look so good . . .

A weekend photographer
Riding the Wet Coast

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hey Bob,

It wasn't that bad. But then again, I am a Veteran and am used to "other than usual" conditions when it comes to a rest room....:-). The piggies in the blanket are easy. Wrap some hot dogs in crescent rolls, pop in the oven, and there you have it!
I hadn't eaten hot dogs in years. ha.

April Baucom said...

So beautiful with all the water and driftwood. Always was attracted to it. Love the interesting shapes. We just had pigs in blankets a few days ago. How funny!!

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi Ms April,

Yes, the driftwood is pretty. I prefer the beaches in Vancouver though. Squamish used to be a logging mill and sometimes there is some splinters that show up where they shouldn't. The beaches are not like what we find in Florida or places like that.

Scootard said...

There's no one I would rather go to the beach with (driftwood or no) and then eat Piggies in Blankets.
Remember our trip to the beach in Malibu?

Deb said...

Interesting driftwood. That one looks like a giant tree stump.

It is a pretty scene, looking out over the water!

And those piggies! Can you pass me one through the computer, please?


Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi Deb,

It is a huge tree stump. I wish I knew where some of that stuff washed in from!

Trobairitz said...

So nice you could get out for a walk without the rain.

Beautiful views from that beach.

Patricia Carpenter said...

Yes, Trobairitz... it is quite pretty as long as too much debris doesn't wash ashore.

Dar said...

Looks like a perfect winter outing! Love the little piggies in a blanket snacky! I think I may have to make some of those this weekend. The snow was pretty wicked over on the Island and we are due for more they say Monday or Tuesday of next week. Ugh I hate the choas it creates. Stay warm!

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi Dar,

We are expecting it to be warm today, rain for three days and then freeze!. I love the snow as long as I am not driving in it..ha. I do hope it warms up soon, though. Perhaps we can have a decent spring and summer this year.