Monday, December 9, 2013

Listening To The Inside Of My Head

Its been quite some time since I posted on my blog.  Partly because I have been busy and partly because....I have been busy...haha.

It has been so cold here (at least to me) that I think I can hear my teeth chattering on the inside of my head!  We are not planning on decorating for Christmas this year since we will be out of town with family.  We usually take a Christmas photo and post it on our social network page.  But since we will not be around, I thought I would post this for you......

This is me, trying to keep my teeth from chattering in my head!!  And by the way, I'M IN THE HOUSE!

  Chris is sneaking a picture of my calamity from behind me....notice the "Phablet" in the picture?

Stay warm, ya'll!


Scootard said...

And it's about 75 degrees in here. I'm almost ready to put on my shorts. ...haha.
Poor l'il Scooterchick.....:(

Trobairitz said...


Sure has been cold lately. We've been dealing with below freezing temps and frozen water pipes. It is all good now and we are supposed to get above freezing today. First day for that since last Thursday.

Love your header pic too. Perfect for the season.

Stay warm my friend.

Patricia Carpenter said...


So, glad that you got your pipes thawed out. We had a "near death experience" with our pipes back in Oklahoma too! We are still thawing one of the bathrooms, but nothing has broken, Thank God!

Dar said...

Cute picture! It sure has been chilly here too. We never get -20 on the Island, but we did there for a few days and I am definitely not used to that cold anymore. Merry Christmas!

Patricia Carpenter said...

Thanks, Dar
The island must be beautiful this time of year with the parliament building (I think that's what that is),all lit up....:-). Hope you have a great Christmas! Stay warm!!