Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oklahoma Bound Day 2 - Idaho

I woke up in the middle of the night with trouble getting back to sleep after having passed out at 7:30pm the night before.  When 5:00 am rolled around and I found myself checking my email  I decided it was time to get up.  Fortunately, my beloved was awake as well.....:-).   It didn't take us long to pack up and grab some coffee.

We took a few pictures with Scootard's mom before hitting the road realizing that our frequent visits would not be as frequent as we would be too far away for most of the year.

I don't remember what she said, but it sure was funny! haha

She waved at us from her door and we traveled on to our next destination......

the morning was just lovely.  It was a bit cool, but I had the good sense to put socks on this morning.  I know that being near water always makes things cooler than they would be inland.  this is a picture of Okanagan Falls in the background.  The forefront is the bottom end of the Skaha Lake.

One of the beautiful things about living on the West coast is there is always water somewhere near by.
This is the south end of Vaseux Lake.....I couldn't help but wonder how many people had made their way to the top of that massive rock.....:-)

The is a northern glance of the lake......

It only took us about an hour and 15 minutes or so to get to the US border.  They were curious to know if Scootard still had residency in Canada.  I guess because we were just there two months ago. After a quick check of our car, the guard let us through.  I was so hungry while we waited that I started munching on cheese twist.  Breakfast was calling my name!

Now, the journey officially begins.....

There were some tiny little towns we had to pass through on our way.  They reminded me of Canada.  I guess because we were still in the Okanagan; just on the US side of it.

We came into the tiny town of Tonasket Hard to believe that a town this small would have radar, but hey...who was I to risk it.

If you have followed my blogs very long, you know that I LOVE to go into antique shops.  I don't always buy things though.  Usually I just look around and do a lot of "oooowwing" and "awwwwing".  This time, I saw something that I really wanted.  Scootard had his eye on a few things as well.

It's hard to see it from this shot, but there is a green wrought iron "tete a tete".  Also known as a "kissing or courting" bench.  I just loved it and so did he.  I knew just where it would go in my garden in Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, the store was not open yet and would not be for another hour or so.

So, we decided to look around a bit more.  I was amazed at how trusting the people of this town must be to just leave their things sitting outside like that!  I came up with the brilliant idea to to load the piece onto the trailer and then call them later with our credit card number, but wasn't sure of what the name of the place was.....:-(.  As you can see, there is no sign on the building and there was none on the door either....:-(.

While I entertained the idea of loading now and paying later, we walked across to the visitor's center. They had murals on the walls......

and the history of some of the people who had come and gone in years gone by that made the town what it is today.....

And then our stomachs really started growling since we had been up so early.....We found this place just a block or so up the road from the antique shop.

you can barely see our car and trailer in the background across the street. The trailer looks lonely without "Ms Vickey" and "Maj".

We had a full breakfast and discussed the possibility of having to cart out new found treasure in and out of hotels for 6 days to guard against theft.

Scootard was ready to eat his food like he was mad at it or something.....haha.

After much discussion and having already experienced a break in twice in the past three months, we decided to look for one or something similar a little closer to our final destination where the risk was not nearly as great.  We traveled sadly on without our new found treasure.  The remarkable scenery took the "gloom" out of the loss we had just experienced....

This is the far northern end of the Palouse...

Just amazing how the hills roll.  They take on the appearance of "velvet", but not quite what I have seen in California.

This is a shot of the mighty Columbia River and in the very far distant is the Grand Coulee Dam.  That's the next stop....:-).  Yay!

getting cloooooserrrrr......:-)

It was further away than it looks.......

but we finally got there and took a seat ........

and a shot of us standing in front of this massive construction......It looks like snow in the picture.  Scootard said it reminds him of cake batter at times.....:-)

they had a small museum where I tested some of the equipment......

I know.  I need help.  ha

Scootard considers himself a "gear head" and likes to read all about the machanics of stuff.  I was still taking in the water scene through the window.

but I did run across this while walking through the tiny museum.....

Very cool piece of history lies beneath this sign....

and here it is.  We have come a LONG WAY in regard to wheelchairs.

We made our way out of the museum where I snagged one more shot of this engineering marvel.  Grand as it is, I still like the Hoover Dam better....:-).

We signed the guest booked and started on our way again.....

We headed east toward Spokane, Washington.

I managed to snag a pic of this church on the way through

and on to Idaho......

 What a beautiful place.  Your driving along and you suddenly see things like this.....

and then from out of nowhere comes this.

Then we drove right past a field of it and the fragrance filled the car!  I pulled my hands in the window and smelled them to see if any had stuck to me...ha.  I know, weird.
It's Canola.......:-). Yep.  The stuff we get that oil from.  Too bad that they run the smell right out of it by the time we get it in the stores....:-(.

here is a closer look......:-)

Just beautiful......what hath God wrought!

and so after eating some very weird Chinese/American food for a late lunch...we made our way to our hotel room and relaxed for the rest of the day.  Hoping to get a good night's sleep so that we are ready for the next day's road adventure.

Stay tuned!


Scootard said...

I love the pictures. I liked them so much I stole them for my blog. another wonderful day, now to sleep and prepare for another one.

Trobairitz said...

I so enjoy these posts. I know just where that picture of Skaha Lake/Ok Falls was taken.

It is great to have the tour of the Okanagan.

Bummer you didn't get the kissing bench, but I understand the worry of it ebeing stolen.. I hope you find one closer.

Patricia Carpenter said...


I wish we could have taken more pics or even gone into Keremeous, but we turned at the 1 mile mark and headed toward Penticton. When we get back that way again I'll try to get you more shots......:-)