Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Rain Went Away.! "Ms Vickey" Rides Again!

Miracle of Miracles!  The sun came out in full force after all this afternoon and we took a ride out of town...:-)

Having lived in this city for 18 years before moving to Canada, one would think that I would have noticed the "nothingness" that was here! ha......Wow....but at least it's farm land and not the surface of the moon!

I went past this building just in time to see a flock of birds scurrying out of this old abandoned building.  But they took flight to quickly for me to get a pic..

But you can look at it but so long before it gets "old" pun intended...haha

And there we went; off into the wild, blue yonder.......for miles........

I thought it was hilarious to see that somebody with the name "Scooter" was running for public office....hahahaha..... what a hoot!

And the road to Walters, Ok seemed to go on forever and it wasn't the most pleasant road in some places......but for the most part it was good.....:-) "Scootard" was enjoying himself too.....:-).  He had never been to Walters, Ok.  I told him there was nothing there.  Now, he believes me! haha. 

This was the most interesting thing that I saw there.  I hadn't been there in over 10 years and it seemed bigger because business and churches seemed to be missing from when I was there last.

We started to get hungry and since there was nothing in Walters to see or do we decided to head over to a friend's house and crash a birthday party and eat some good food!  These are my long time friends Eva and Betty.....:-).  Thanks for the great dinner!

It started to get dark and we live across town, so we thought we had better get going.  By the time we got back to the house, it was pitch black out.  This was only my second time riding this scooter in the dark.  I'm glad the lights are brighter than they were on my last Chinese scooter.  You can't miss me on this one!

I'm looking forward to some nice weather and more riding tomorrow!  YAY!!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Eva and Betty did not expect you to come back in riding chaps...Deb

Patricia Carpenter said...

hahahaha.......They saw us pull up on our bikes and said between themselves..."who is that?...I don't know. They are on motorcycles. Betty says: "Well, I hope that isn't my son!" Eva says: That's not your son, that's a white man!

Then, I said as I took off my helmet: "Yeah, that's MY MAN!".....hahahah. they were shocked to see us and sure didn't expect to see us on "motorcycles". We had to explain to them that they were actually scooters....:-). We had a great time.....:-)

Trobairitz said...

Hooray for scooter rides and dinner with good friends.

It may have been a lot of flat land but it sure looks pretty.

Scootard said...

Oklahoma and Texas are a lot more interesting than eastern WY and Eastern CO and KS. There is some topography and interesting little towns every 15-20 mi. I recall we saw a fellow on an HD in CO heading home to MO but instead of superslabbing he disappeared in a cloud of dust down a blue road. The long way home, but more interesting that I-70.

We usually look for blue roads ourselves. Much more fun!!!

bobskoot said...


Pat is right. There's nothing there, just a straight road into infinity and flat farmland, no like our mountains and water views.

Wow, colour-coded roads. We don't have any blue roads here, just asphalt looking ones
enjoy your stay there

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