Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day of Relaxation and New Duds for "Ms Vicky"

I'm the kind of girl that loves to be by the water, but not necessarily "in" the water.  So, I enjoy going to the beach and watching others enjoy all sorts of water sports such as wind surfing and kite surfing....:-). 

It really is much harder than what it appears to be as you have to use all of your core muscles just to steer those things.  Plus, you are battling the wind!
 And at some times, they get the rear ends handed to them on a silver platter by mother nature...haha.  this guys comes out of the water saying...."I can't take it any more.  The winds are just to rough"....ha.  I on the other hand was enjoying the whole scene!
 Next on the agenda after a good day and some rest, was to finally after 4 years of being in Canada, pick some wild blackberries that were growing outside our Condo.  Others (including the bears) had beat me to the punch and there wasn't much left.  I did manage to grab a couple.  One was sour and the other was mildly sweet....:-).
 After snacking on the sweet and sour snack, it was time to surprise Ms Vicky with her new "duds" in preparation to our upcoming trip!  Ms Vicky is sporting new saddle bags that we picked up in Seattle for a very reasonable price.  Yay!
 I (of course) didn't know that there was a "wrong way" to put them on....:-(.  So, Scootard had to fix it for me.....:-).  He pulled up right when I was smiling over my "well done job"....ha.  When he .....uh....chuckled and smiled....I knew something was wrong...haha 
 Sooooo, he took them off and repositioned them properly and secured them to Ms Vicky....:-)
 Now, she is ready to go on her next big adventure!  I will have to get used to feeling extra weight on the sides of the bike like this.  Hopefully, I won't drop her again....:-(.
 After thinking about the neighbors "not my cat"...cat ran out from under the cover when I first started my project, I decided I would pull the rain covers over both saddle bags...maybe if she decideds to scratch her nails on them, the cover will provide some needed protection.
 And so, there she is.....Ms Vicky with her new duds on.  Looking sharp and getting covered up to protect her from wind and rain.....:-).  Looking forward to the next big adventure!
 We have just a few more days and we will be hitting the road again!  Already got our trip tickets, travel and medical insurance, and the "things to do" and things to pace lists are all organized......:-).


Scootard said...

Doesn't Miss Vickey look good in her new duds. I think they will come in very handy for upcoming trips.

Hopefully we will get some more riding in here before the weather turns. Already the summer has been by turns cool, misty then warm and then bloody hot. Now the temp has moderated again back to 70's.

Trobairitz said...

Looking good with those saddle bags. We have a friend who had his backwards for years until hubby pointed it out to him and he was a motorcycle safety instructor. We chuckled and so did he. They will be much more aerodynamic on the right way.

Good for you on getting them on yourself though.

Patricia Carpenter said...

YaY for me!! Thanks Trobairitz....:-)

It makes sense in regard to the aerodynamics since you put it that way.....ha. I just never thought about that.

bobskoot said...


I think you had them on the right way before Scootard messed with them. There is less surface area which makes them more aerodynamic. His way has more frontal area.

Wow, another trip ? Can't the two of you sit still for a few months ?

Riding the Wet Coast

Patricia Carpenter said...

We will be going outside today to put our stickers on that we just got in the mail today from ADV. I wanted them on the bikes before we left. so Yay....they are here.

I'll turn them around when I get outside! Poor Ms Vicky has her clothes on backward....ha.

Patricia Carpenter said...

We plan to be still for a while when we get back in November...ha. We are not year round riders and store the bikes in a friends garage when the riding season ends. So, maybe from November to May or June we will be still at least in regard to the scooters! haha. There's always Argentina! I got my sights set on that country!

TANGO anyone?? :-)

Anonymous said...

I use Cortech bags on my scoot, but a few of my friends have picked these up at the local Tractor Supply stores:


The girls I know that got them love them for shopping because they are insulated. Not exactly the same as regular bike bags, but the price was right, lol. And on ebay, you can get horsie bags in all colors.

I have covers for my bags, too, but I lined the bags with one of the extra large Zip Lock storage bags, and just leave it in there. FIts fine, and I know everything will be dry for sure. I can also pull everything out in the one bag if I need to.

Kymco, btw, does make touch up paint, although it's not clear which B&W colors they have:

An auto parts store might have something, too.

Keep the rubber side down, and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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