Monday, July 16, 2012

Memorial Ride to Howe Sound Brewery

Yesterday, we met a friend and some of his friends at Howe Sound Brewery and restuarant to celebrate the life of a fallen biker, Paul Cassells who had died from cancer.  The people were very nice and welcoming.  The food on the other hand took us (myself, husband and friend Bob) 1 hour and 45 minutes to get it.  I wasn't impressed with the service this time even though I had eaten there several times before.  But the company was good! I think they plan to do a ride in his honor every year.  This was the first one.

There must have been over 30 bikers there with all types of bikes and gear.

Bob and my husband checking out a faulty GPS on Bob's bike.

This is Ena Cassells, Paul's sister giving a short thank you on behalf of Paul for all those who participated.  She seemed to be a very nice.

Chorizo hash!  Never heard of it, but it was very good!


Scootard said...

The food was good, the company sublime and the service tardy. Enjoyed time with the group who rode up from the city though.

bobskoot said...


Normally I don't mind having slow service, but I was hungry when I left home before 8am, anticiating to be able to eat soon. It gives you more time to chit-chat, but my stomach was getting angry

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Scooterchick said...

yeah, my stomach wasn't too happy either! I start to get sick if I don't eat after a while. so, we were about to pull out and get some food somewhere else. Chris gave them 5 minutes to get the food on the table or we were out of there! haha. And PRESTO! it showed up in five minutes. It was really good as was the time spent with a group of great folks. Sorry we didn't get to talk to most of them though....:-(.